Bryn Nelson, Freelance Writer & Editor


Hello, I’m a Seattle-based freelance writer and editor specializing in scientific, environmental, medical, and travel-related topics. My work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times,, BBC Focus, Nature, Scientific American, and High Country News. You can read more about my background and experience on my Bio & Awards page, see what I’ve been up to lately by clicking on the Portfolio tabs, and reach me through my contact information.

Science Reporting

Science WritingSCIENCE

For my science reporting, I’ve explored a lab creating 3-D brain atlases, envisioned an exoplanet bathed in perpetual twilight, and profiled a rabble-rouser in systems biology. Read More...

Medical Reporting

Medical Writing MEDICINE

Among the many medical topics I’ve covered, I’ve described “stem cell tourist traps” and chronicled the intricate process required to save a toddler with a severe head injury. Read More...

Environmental Reporting

Environmental WritingENVIRONMENT

My favorite ecology stories have focused on often overlooked flora and fauna, while many of my environmental stories have delved into green building and consumer behavior. Read More...

Travel Reporting

Travel WritingTRAVEL

Whether on the rugged Washington coast or in the temples of Cambodia, I love describing the unexpected, the remarkable, and the unforgettable in my travel features. Read More...